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Civilization Pt 1

The architects are here! But who are the architects? What are the architects? When are the architects? Todays mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find out. It’s also the day of the inauguration of the national Pavilions, and I aim to do an epic sprint to cover all of them, each in 140 characters or less. And the critics claim T.O.M. is dumbed-down Architecture for the hipster generation…
Image: Dunning Kruger


Follow the roving and the reporting here, and here (and t_o_m_ on instagram, if you prefer the biennale to look like its happening in the 1970’s). Detail, as a deliverable concept, to follow. The photo above has been the surprise instagram hit of the day (along with this video of the Ireland space at the Arsenale). The image features the completion, with hundreds of beautiful tiny trees, of

On the Type

We’re off early to the British Pavillion to meet with and speak to some of the Architects, who’ll be seeing the pavilion for the first time. Follow the twitter feed for more information. The Common Ground signage is in evidence everywhere you look round here, and this ‘homage’ is taken from the street signs near where we stay. Eye magazine recently featured a really good interview with the designer, John Morgan.
Furniture appears, outside flat @venicetakeaway years ago

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Regatta day @venicetakeaway years ago
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Guerilla furniture #labiennale years ago
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Carrying furniture through the city without stopping 'sharing the common ground' @venicetakeaway<8 years ago
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