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Goodbye, and Hello (Ciao)


Our time at the Biennale is drawing to a close. It’s been a fascinating trip. You can piece together the fragments of our reporting here: twitterimages (and t_o_m_ on instagram) / sounds (here and here) / video / tumblr scrapbook and more (see pull down menu at top of page). You can also keep up to date with goings on from this point on via the venice takeaway more…



Perhaps a new term is needed; Hypo-reality n. A hybrid reality similar to, yet too bizarre, to constitute hyper-reality.*

The house that Jack built


“Post-occupancy” has become a trendy buzzword in architectural circles, but how many architects are really prepared to make a break in their busy schedules to go and see how their completed buildings are actually being used?
Read more at ‘The house that Jack built’, on Parallel Lies, as Momus signs off, leaving Venice.

Teatro del Internet


Launch: Fri 31st August, 5.30pm, Near Naval Musuem.
This short-lived blog, based around the opening of the Venice Architecture Biennale, but with a flexible approach to ‘reality’, is also about architecture and its relationship with the internet, which is to say, it could be pretty much anything. Coincidentally, and with zero planning on our part, Momus reported just the other day about the economics of attention, and what happens when physical stuff acquires this digital more…



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A rhizome is a vegetable. In the newspaper it appears in the lifestyle section, something to be grown or eaten, laying underground, woody, deep, ready to be dug. Ginger is one example, and turmeric another: they can be combined with split peas and lentils for a tasty dhal,(i) or as sauce with fois gras, smoked salmon, even a chicken salad.(ii) If you’re planting more…

The Architect who fell to Moscow


“The early years of the Soviet Union were a time of seemingly limitless possibilities for utopian re-invention, and they favoured a particularly restless species of creative genius.”
Read more at: The Architect who fell to Moscow, on Parallel Lies.

Build Nothing


“It’s an urban planning axiom that building more roads doesn’t make city centres less congested, it just brings more traffic. Banana Associates — showing in Venice at an exhibition entitled Christ, Enough Already! — apply the same principle to architecture..” says Momus in; Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything

Will Work for Likes!


Architects take note! The new likenomics has arrived! Read more via our Venice correspondent; architects have had to learn a new refrain: “Will work for likes!” Read full post here.

Civilization Pt 1


The architects are here! But who are the architects? What are the architects? When are the architects? Todays mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find out. It’s also the day of the inauguration of the national Pavilions, and I aim to do an epic sprint to cover all of them, each in 140 characters or less. And the critics claim T.O.M. is dumbed-down Architecture for the hipster generation…
Image: Dunning Kruger

Common Names Pt 1


An Architectural word association game in 7 parts. Set in Benjamins Gothic.
In FAT architecture’s museum of copying, and the villa rotunda, Ines Weizman’s “Repeat Yourself”: Loos, Law and the Culture of the Copy researches the significance of copyright on architecture, using legal disputes around the ownership of Loos’ archive and work as a test case.

Down with emotional connection!


“Architecture as a discipline can be cold, esoteric, intellectually demanding, and sometimes theoretically pretentious. And that’s how we like it”
via our special correspondent at Parallel Lies.



Follow the roving and the reporting here, and here (and t_o_m_ on instagram, if you prefer the biennale to look like its happening in the 1970’s). Detail, as a deliverable concept, to follow. The photo above has been the surprise instagram hit of the day (along with this video of the Ireland space at the Arsenale). The image features the completion, with hundreds of beautiful tiny trees, of

Google Dominion


About ten years ago architectural theorist Bruco Snith began to notice that when he fed his own name into Google’s search box the message came back “Did you mean: Bruce Smith?” or simply “Showing results for Bruce Smith”. Read More…

Architects, Waiting


With a day to go before the initial press openings, and the vernissage on the 27th and 28th, everyone is waiting. T.O.M. is wearing a Beachball of Death/Rainbow Umbrella meme, as suggested by JunkJet.

Moving, Out With Moving

Having passed through Schipol Airport yesterday, I found the lure of the moving walkway is still strong with me. While essentially just being an escalator that doesn’t escalate, they still carry something of this, or this. And possibly a bit of this.

Press Preview


“Three’s company, two is heterofascism.” That’s the motto of Macfarlane Hundred, a provocative young Scottish architect currently showing an installation called Heterofascist Park in Venice. Read more…