Goodbye, and Hello (Ciao)

Our time at the Biennale is drawing to a close. It’s been a fascinating trip. You can piece together the fragments of our reporting here: twitterimages (and t_o_m_ on instagram) / sounds (here and here) / video / tumblr scrapbook and more (see pull down menu at top of page). You can also keep up to date with goings on from this point on via the venice takeaway stewards blog. You can also follow Scotland activities on twitter or storify. We had intended to end this blog today, but the sheer volume of ideas on display means that we will return and refine, tidy, expand and elaborate in the near future. There is such a vast amount of material to see that I don’t know how people can see it all, and reflect on it, and write about it at the same time.* Over the next week, we’ll attempt to do this – there will be detailed accounts of the exhibition, and overarching themes and issues. But in the meantime, a big thanks to the whole Venice Takeaway team who hosted us so excellently, and for the diverse and interesting contributions from our collaborators, who have made this all the richer an experience.

*There’s comprehensive reportage here, here and here (our own venice ‘radar’) to name but a few. (We’ll be returning to the topic of the critics in the coming week).

Image: The Lesser Arts

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