Teatro del Internet

Launch: Fri 31st August, 5.30pm, Near Naval Musuem.

This short-lived blog, based around the opening of the Venice Architecture Biennale, but with a flexible approach to ‘reality’, is also about architecture and its relationship with the internet, which is to say, it could be pretty much anything. Coincidentally, and with zero planning on our part, Momus reported just the other day about the economics of attention, and what happens when physical stuff acquires this digital extension of itself. It’s in this spirit, that we’ve brought the Teatro del Internet to Venice with us. At the press conference earlier this week, the director of the Architecture Biennale, David Chipperfield, said that he was particularly inspired by the first (official and distinct) Venice Architecture Biennale; themed ‘The Presence of the Past’ curated by Paolo Portoghesi. One of the showpieces of that biennale was Aldo Rossi’s Teatro del Mondo. Our model Teatro del Internet is 40cm high, made of cork, contains a processer that harvests #labiennale tweets from twitter, and reads them out through a speaker. And it may or may not float. It’s not taken to the water yet, but its inaugural floating will take place tomorrow, Friday 31st august, at 5.30pm between the Arsenale and the Naval Museum. Come along, say hello, and watch it possibly sink.

The model was excellently crafted by Paul Kerlaff.

There’s an interesting review of a current Rossi exhibition taking place in Venice, by Cate St Hill, at BDOnline

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