Note on the Project, on the Design

Can you tell us a bit about this project?
Yes, but lets start with the design first.

The logo?
That was thought up pretty quickly to be honest. It’s the silhouette of a dymaxion map, when folded into a 3d object. (This is the map Buckminster Fuller devised which is said to offer a reduction in the distortion of the ‘real’ dimensions of the continents, in terms of relative landmass). TOM is the sort of nom de plume of this project, based on the title: Travelling, Out With Moving.

What about the typefaces?
There are 3 typefaces used – Sans Guilt, Univers Else, and NotCourier Sans – all by OSP Foundry – OSP ask us; “Could the production and distribution of open fonts turn the patriarchal guild system inside out? What if users themselves could make improvements typefaces they use, and share them with others? What if the design of a typeface would benefit from the many eyes of designers working around the world? What if a typeface is not a fixed entity, but a networked set of elements, responding to context and types of use?”

We know that you don’t know your Arsenale from your elbow when it comes to coding …
The site was excellently built by Jamie and David on the WordPress platform. It was designed around a traditional chronological blog format, with the addition of marginalia drawn at random from other parts of the project, on the other websites we’re also on. Hopefully these form kind of disconnected footnotes, or tangents that may or may not connect to the core content, or to each other, in interesting ways.

The approach?
We’re trying to embrace the ‘write first, edit later’ modus operandi of much internet culture and as such have spread ourselves thinly across a number of social medias. We’re moving through, around and in the Venice Architecture Biennale, which starts for press tomorrow and open to the general public on the 29th. You can follow this project most effectively on twitter, and also on these platforms. A number of people are involved in the project as it’s important that it aggregates input from a number of different angles. There’ll be a mixture of reports, interviews, discussions, surveys, and things happening. Follow the twitter feed for updates. We’re also building up to the inaugural floating of the Teatro del Internet, a wirelessly enabled cork device that reads out Internet news relating to La Biennale. This will be happening on Friday 31st August, at a location to be confirmed.

This all seems pretty tangential?
Everything on travelling out with moving connects to everything else. Sometimes you have to make up the links yourself.

And what about this auto-interview tone of voice you seem to have affected? What’s that all about?
I don’t know, you tell me.

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